23 May

Traditional Japanese Lacquering

misato class

Saturday, May 23 (2015) from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Just a 3 minute walk from Hikifune Station on Tobu Line in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.



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“Ikkanbari” (一閑張り) is the traditional Japanese art of taking what is old and worn-out, and making it new and beautiful again.

In this lesson, we will be taking 15cm by 25cm baskets and learning how to make them into unique, beautiful — and extremely sturdy — new containers and handbags.

And learn by listening and speaking completely in Japanese!

The technique involves pasting layers of Japanese paper (和紙, “washi”) onto the basket in a process called “Shitabari” (下張り), and then adding decorative designs, colours and characters with your own unique design in a process called Uwabari (上張り).

Finally, the unique persimmon varnish (柿渋, “Kakishibu”) that is the hallmark of “Ikkanbari” is applied. Once this varnish dries, the old but new again container or handbag is complete!

This class takes about four hours. Minimum TWO students, maximum TEN. Pleae book your class at least THREE WEEKS in advance.

Come on out and create something beautiful while improving your Japanese!

TAUGHT BY: Misato Sato

Misato-sensei is an aficionado of “Ikkanbari” (一閑張り), the traditional Japanese art of artistically repairing worn out items with a beautiful persimmon varnish.

Ikkanbari not only results in an object stronger than the original, it also makes ordinary, worn-out objects beautiful and decorative.

As a useful winter downtime diversion at farmhouses, repaired Ikkanbari containers have been used store things like green tea and clothing for centuries.

These days, the beauty of these objects has made them a popular item in Japanese interior design.

After losing her home in the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, Misato-sensei found healing for her mind and body in the art of Ikkanbari, and is looking to share this beautiful, creative, relaxing art with others.

Misato-sensei looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion for this beautiful Japanese tradition.


DATE:May 23, 2015
TIME:11:00 am to 2:00 pm


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