Yoshihide Iwasaki-sensei

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Yoshihide Iwasaki

Mr. and Mrs. Iwasaki are both experts at instructing Japanese Tea Ceremony, called “Sadou” (茶道, literally “the Way of Tea”) in Japanese, specializing in the Urasenke (裏千家) Branch of Sadou.

In fact, they first met at a class for Sadou, where Mr. Iwasaki was a student and Mrs. Iwasaki was an assistant instructor. Mr. Iwasaki presently has twenty-five years experience with Sadou, while Mrs. Iwasaki – Vice-chairperson of local branch of the Urasenke Association – has forty years experience.

They presently hold classes at two different classrooms in the Tokyo area, with courses such as as “Introduction to the Way of Tea” and “The Way of Tea for Beginners”.

They look forward to teaching you the true culture of Sadou: the way Japanese students learn, for a true look into the heart of Japan.


Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Experience true Japanese culture by learning “Sadou” (茶道, literally “the Way of Tea”) the same way Japanese students are taught.

And learn by listening and speaking completely in Japanese.

Along with watching the artful and meticulous motions involved in making of tea, learn the proper way to make drink matcha and eat traditional sweets.

The following will be taught in the class:

1. Proper technique for making tea with a traditional bamboo whisk.
2. Learn proper manners in the tea room, such as the proper opening and closing of “Fusuma” (ふすま, Japanese sliding doors), proper bowing, etc.
3. Learn about the features of the “Chashitsu” (茶室, tea room): suitable pictures, suitable flowers, suitable vases, etc.

Those who enjoy and complete “Tea Ceremony: Step One” can go on to “Tea Ceremony: Step Two”.

What to Bring: White socks! We will supply the rest.


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Organize your group of two to six people for a class with this teacher, or attend solo for a slightly higher price.

Japanese Cooking Prices
TWO OR MORE PEOPLE¥5000 per person

Japanese Culture Prices
Japanese Calligraphy¥6600 (max 4 people)
Tea Ceremony¥5000 (max 3 people)
Flower Arrangement¥5500 (max 8 people)
Japanese Lacquering¥14000 (min 2 - max 10 people)

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