Ryoko Mitani-sensei

Traditional Japanese Baking

Ryoko Mitani

Ryoko-sensei has years of experience in gastronomy as a food coordinator, wine sommelier and cheese expert: her home bread-making and cooking classes are sure to show you how to get some magical results!

In charge of “natural yeast” bread-making classes at two different community centres in the Tokyo, Ryoko-sensei is both skilled and passionate about her craft.

Ryoko-sensei wants everyone to know the joy of making bread, and looks forward to making something delicious with you sometime soon.


Traditional Japanese Baking

Learn how to make the Japanese sweetbread “Anpan” (あんパン) – the most popular kind of sweetbread in Japan – completely from scratch, from an expert baker.

And learn by listening and speaking completely in Japanese.

Anpan was first sold in 1874 at KIMURAYA – a famous Japanese bakery shop in Ginza – and remains popular among Japanese people of all ages. Almost any bakery you can find in Japan still sells Anpan.

In this lesson we will go through the complete process of making Anpan, including both making the dough and a filling called “Anko” (あんこ) the healthiest way – completely from scratch.

After we’re done, we’ll all enjoy the freshly baked Anpan with green tea – and you can bring the rest home to enjoy with your friends and family!

Maximum SIX students per class.

Come on out and see how to bake the Japanese way – all completely in Japanese.


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Organize your group of two to six people for a class with this teacher, or attend solo for a slightly higher price.

Japanese Cooking Prices
TWO OR MORE PEOPLE¥5000 per person

Japanese Culture Prices
Japanese Calligraphy¥6600 (max 4 people)
Tea Ceremony¥5000 (max 3 people)
Flower Arrangement¥5500 (max 8 people)
Japanese Lacquering¥14000 (min 2 - max 10 people)

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