Mari Todoroki-sensei

Make Cute Character Bentos

Mari Todoroki

Mari-sensei has been perfecting her skills at “Kyara-ben” (キャラ弁) — bento lunches with edible cartoon characters made of rice and other healthy ingredients — since her five-year-old daughter was two.

Kyara-ben, which combines abbreviation the Japanese for “character” (キャラ: kyara) and bento (弁: ben), has in recent years become quite a trend among mothers in Japan; Mari-sensei’s classes will teach you all the tricks and techniques involved in making the cutest lunches out of nourishing ingredients.

Learn how to make Kyara-ben for different seasons and events, cute Kyara-ben with popular cartoon characters, as well as cute “Okazu” (おかず), the Japanese side dishes in bento lunches.

At end of each lesson, everyone can sit down with some tea and try their cute and delicious Kyara-ben.


Make Cute Character Bentos

Learn how to make “Kyara-ben” (キャラ弁), the edible cartoon character bento lunches that have become all the rage for children in Japan.

And learn by listening and speaking completely in Japanese.

Mari-sensei teaches how you to make animals such as bears, rabbits and pandas — as well as popular cartoon characters — out of “Onigiri”, as well as how to put beautiful finishing touches on bento lunches with decorative “Okazu” (おかず), the Japanese side dishes in bento lunches.

Learn how to use colour and balance properly, and then make your own delicious Kyara-ben according to your own taste — using all the healthy ingredients supplied.

At the end of class, everyone can enjoy tasting the lovely Kyara-ben they have made!

Maximum SIX students.

Come on out and learn how to something cute and delicious – all in Japanese!


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Organize your group of two to six people for a class with this teacher, or attend solo for a slightly higher price.

Japanese Cooking Prices
TWO OR MORE PEOPLE¥5000 per person

Japanese Culture Prices
Japanese Calligraphy¥6600 (max 4 people)
Tea Ceremony¥5000 (max 3 people)
Flower Arrangement¥5500 (max 8 people)
Japanese Lacquering¥14000 (min 2 - max 10 people)

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